What is CakeFrame?

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What is CakeFrame?


For many of us, it’s the answer to a regular question.

"How do I build a strong, secure structure for my cake, without drilling, gluing or sawing items not fit for purpose, or needing a degree in structural engineering?"

CakeFrame is a simple to use rod and joint system, made from a very strong polystyrene based plastic, which is both food grade and dishwasher safe.

CakeFrame has been two years in the making, from a 3am moment with a drawing on a scrap of paper, to a fully functioning British manufactured product.

Dawn has designed all manner of joints, with different length straight rods, curves  and angles. There are rigid platforms too (round and square, available in different sizes) that will support your cakes as you create height, and the most integral part – the foundation piece – screws your structure tightly to the base board.

When designing CakeFrame, Dawn wanted a simple yet effective solution – no gluing, drilling, cutting or sawing is required as you simply slot each piece together as you build your cake. Each part fits securely into the next, and whilst it can be pulled apart for reuse, it holds firmly in place, adding strength and support to the heart of your cake.

When adding cake to your structure you can either, stack, fill and cover as you go, or decorate separately and add a finished cake to the structure.

CakeFrame doesn’t just have to be for carved novelty cakes either! What better way to ensure that your tiered wedding cake gets to its destination in one piece, than with the structural support of CakeFrame?