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About Dawn Butler

Dawn-with-Cake-Frame-boxCakeFrame has been invented by Dawn Butler (of Dinkydoodle Designs) after being frustrated by the need to use none food grade supplies and DIY equipment to assemble her cakes when she wanted to concentrate on creating cakey masterpieces and being a cake decorator, not a drill wielding DIY-er.

Dawn knew others had the same struggle so she developed a solution:

     that solution was CakeFrame.

Not only does CakeFrame allow you to create gravity defying cakes, it also makes those cakes achievable for even novice cake decorators. Those previously bewildered about how these impressive cakes stood up, and those ‘in the know’ but unwilling to dabble with plumbing supplies are now empowered and enabled to make their own designs with ease using CakeFrame!

The cakes you can create with CakeFrame can be large, award-worthy creations, or simply your child’s birthday cake – you don’t have to make huge creations. Included in the starter kit is a 10” round cake board making it the perfect size for ‘normal’ cakes (although using CakeFrame, there will be nothing ‘normal’ or run of the mill about your cakes!)